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Rensselaer County Houses for Sale

Rensselaer County is seated just east of the Hudson River, part of New Yorks’ Capital Region.  From the Rensselaer County website:

The county slogan, “Life Looks Good From Here” is consistent with our identity. We are an excellent place to live, to work, to shop, to raise a family, and yes, to start a business. The economic, educational, and recreational opportunities to be found in our County are second to none. And our refreshing blend of rural and hi-tech influences makes us truly appealing.

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Scott Varley Team Homes for Sale in Rensselaer County

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375 LANSING AV, Troy

MLS #: 201819344
Property Details

MLS #: 201818136
Property Details
102 HIDDEN POND DR, Schodack

102 HIDDEN POND DR Schodack
MLS #: 201813858
Property Details
103 HIDDEN POND DR, Schodack

103 HIDDEN POND DR Schodack
MLS #: 201813859
Property Details
101 HIDDEN POND DR, Schodack

101 HIDDEN POND DR Schodack
MLS #: 201813857
Property Details
11 HIDDEN POND DR, Schodack

11 HIDDEN POND DR Schodack
MLS #: 201813136
Property Details
105 HIDDEN POND DR, Schodack

105 HIDDEN POND DR Schodack
MLS #: 201813861
Property Details
104 HIDDEN POND DR, Schodack

104 HIDDEN POND DR Schodack
MLS #: 201813860
Property Details
370 PINEWOODS AV, Brunswick

370 PINEWOODS AV Brunswick
MLS #: 201723474
Property Details


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