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Saratoga County is a thriving community in upstate NY, approximately 150 miles north of New York City.  From

With its friendly people, thriving tourism, and one of the lowest county tax rates in the state, Saratoga County is an excellent place to live, work and visit.  We are proud of our strong commercial growth and a diverse local economy that ranges from Global Foundries, the largest high-tech economic development project in the country, to thriving family farms that are some of the best in Upstate New York. Our cultural venues, excellent schools and colleges along with trails, parks and recreation programs make Saratoga County a great place to call home.

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Scott Varley Team Homes for Sale in Saratoga County

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2 SAW MILL CT, Wilton

2 SAW MILL CT Wilton
MLS #: 201921777
Property Details
19 BUFF RD, Saratoga Springs

19 BUFF RD Saratoga Springs
MLS #: 201922239
Property Details
33 JOSHUA RD, Saratoga Springs

33 JOSHUA RD Saratoga Springs
MLS #: 201915284
Property Details
22a JOSHUA RD, Saratoga Springs

22a JOSHUA RD Saratoga Springs
MLS #: 201918352
Property Details
4 DAFFODIL DR, Saratoga Springs

4 DAFFODIL DR Saratoga Springs
MLS #: 201919113
Property Details
23 BUFF RD, Saratoga Springs

23 BUFF RD Saratoga Springs
MLS #: 201921517
Property Details
15 ROBERTS LA, Saratoga Springs, Inside

15 ROBERTS LA Saratoga Springs, Inside
MLS #: 201915607
Property Details
23 RIVERVIEW RD, Clifton Park

23 RIVERVIEW RD Clifton Park
MLS #: 201914686
Property Details
10 WINDING BROOK DR, Saratoga Springs

10 WINDING BROOK DR Saratoga Springs
MLS #: 201920108
Property Details
23 JOSHUA RD, Saratoga Springs

23 JOSHUA RD Saratoga Springs
MLS #: 201915286
Property Details
9 JOSHUA RD, Saratoga Springs

9 JOSHUA RD Saratoga Springs
MLS #: 201915280
Property Details
62 KAYDEROSS PARK RD, Saratoga Springs

62 KAYDEROSS PARK RD Saratoga Springs
MLS #: 201835305
Property Details

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