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Schenectady County is home to innovators such as Thomas Edison and Charles Steinmetz. Today, the county boasts a solid industrial and arts base. From the Schenectady County website:

Schenectady County has seen remarkable growth over the past few years as we’ve created a successful, unified economic development strategy. Just a few examples include the expansion of Proctors, the addition of the Hampton Inn and Bow Tie Movieland in the city, the $25 million RailEx project in Rotterdam, the addition of GE Global Renewable Headquarters and soon to be completed Battery Plant to the downtown Schenectady campus and expansion at the Global Research Center in Niskayuna, and the expansion of Fortitech into the newly created Airport Business Park in Glenville. Our efforts have resulted in more than $400 million in new investment and the creation of more than 3,500 new jobs.

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Scott Varley Team Homes for Sale in Schenectady County

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73 SARATOGA RD, Glenville TOV

73 SARATOGA RD Glenville TOV
MLS #: 202013106
Property Details
2013 HOOVER RD, Niskayuna

2013 HOOVER RD Niskayuna
MLS #: 202017583
Property Details
000 SCOTCH BUSH RD, Glenville

000 SCOTCH BUSH RD Glenville
MLS #: 202013659
Property Details
02 VAN VORST RD, Glenville

02 VAN VORST RD Glenville
MLS #: 202012879
Property Details
206 STEEPLE WAY, Rotterdam

206 STEEPLE WAY Rotterdam
MLS #: 202016518
Property Details
208 STEEPLE WAY, Rotterdam

208 STEEPLE WAY Rotterdam
MLS #: 202013687
Property Details
101 DIAMOND PL, Rotterdam

101 DIAMOND PL Rotterdam
MLS #: 202012362
Property Details
311 STEEPLE WAY, Rotterdam

311 STEEPLE WAY Rotterdam
MLS #: 202016504
Property Details
114 DIAMOND PL, Rotterdam

114 DIAMOND PL Rotterdam
MLS #: 202016505
Property Details
103 DIAMOND PL, Rotterdam

103 DIAMOND PL Rotterdam
MLS #: 202016517
Property Details
124 DIAMOND PL, Rotterdam

124 DIAMOND PL Rotterdam
MLS #: 202012365
Property Details
411 STEEPLE WAY, Rotterdam

411 STEEPLE WAY Rotterdam
MLS #: 202016503
Property Details

MLS #: 202016729
Property Details
34 DUBLIN DR, Niskayuna

34 DUBLIN DR Niskayuna
MLS #: 202017624
Property Details


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